The idea of PAZ was born in Todos Santos, Mexico. The peace and beauty of this dreamy desert oasis lighten the heart and energize creativity. It is a region brimming with artisans and a local population who are deeply tied to the land.

PAZ partners with artisans, brands and designers who create using slow, organic, regenerative and bird-friendly processes.

Artisan Pottery

We believe it’s the only way to consume consciously while supporting the livelihoods of people who adopt a “do no harm” ethos towards humanity and the planet. 🖤

We are excited to share products created in harmony with nature and possess the art and design qualities of each unique ancestral history. 

Our Founder

I'm a writer, photographer and Representative to the United Nations for Humanity Unified Int'l, a nonprofit I co-founded that supports sustainable development, education and food security for women and children. PAZ was born out of inspiration from years of traveling the world. It's a marketplace that brings light to the time-honored craft of the artisan; the organic, regenerative, bird-friendly practices of the farmer trying to nourish and support an entire ecosystem; and the women entrepreneurs fighting for a more conscious, sustainable and ethical way to consume. I hope you'll support this mission with your purchases and help in sharing the benefits of making conscious choices with your community. (Learn more)

With Love,

Maria Russo