Aromatherapy Oil Set by Palermo Body

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Palermo Body's evocative Aromatherapy Oils are thoughtfully blended to promote balance of the senses, spark the imagination, and harmonize body and mind. All our Aromatherapy Oils are created with the highest quality essential oils, producing truly transcendent and 100% natural blends.

One of each .33oz / 10ml Glass Roller Bottle

Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride (fractionated coconut oil), proprietary blend of essential oils and absolutes.

Apply to pulse points, temples, and chest. Breathe in and enjoy.

What's Inside

Grapefruit | Lemongrass | Tea Tree For focus and clarity of mind. This stimulating blend assists with concentration and inspires productivity. Use this oil for an immediate pick-me-up.

Jasmine | Sandalwood | Cardamom For spontaneity and inner-confidence. This romantic blend is purely enticing and sparks curiosity. Use this oil for a touch of spirit.

Lavender | Blue Yarrow | Cypress For comfort and soothing exhaustion. This nurturing blend relieves nervous exhaustion and mental fatigue. Use this oil for a bit of repose.

Why we love it



Supporting women entrepreneurs and leaders.

Nurture the Planet

Organic & sustainably sourced

Sustainable, ethical & organic practices.


Cruelty-free, plant-based ingredients.