Yalova Ultra Soft Marbled Blanket Throw

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Yalova, marbled softness made to wrap you and make you happy. A neutral design that you can combine as you want.

Best Quality In A Sustainable Way: Our blankets are made from 50% recycled cotton. More durable and soft, and the more you wash and use them, the softer they get.

Super Compact and Light: Hilana blanket throws fold down to nothing so you can carry them everywhere in your bag to the beach or the park... Even in your luggage if you are about to travel.

Ultra Absorbent and Fast Dry: Hilana blankets will dry you quicker than a regular towel, and they will dry faster too. No more damp towels ever!

Versatile: Offers soft, relaxing comfortability for indoor/outdoor, home, beach, camping, picnic, or travel. Add style to a couch, chair or bed by choosing one of our beautiful combinations that matches your home décor.

Conscious: With one Hilana Blanket, you recycle what a person recycles in 13 years. Join us Be A Change Maker

Chilena Design Made in Turkey with Love!
Composition: 50% recycled cotton + 50% natural cotton
Measures 71 x 59 cm, Weighs 0.8 lbs.
Hand Loomed
Color: Blue




Supporting women entrepreneurs and leaders.

Nurture the Planet

Certified B Corporation

Sustainable sourcing, eco-friendly practices, fair

Community Development

Creating long-term economic growth for the community.


Hilana Upcycled Cotton closes the loop on cotton in the cleanest way. Our textiles are made from recycled material through a zero waste process under the triple impact criteria. Artisans empowered by their ancestral craft, are promoting the circular economy for a better world. We are 100% committed to evolving and finding new ways to protect the environment. During the past 3 years we have been able to upcycle more than 5 tons of cotton waste and saved more than 15 million gallons of water. 

Through our zero-waste processes, we can combat climate change and consciously enjoy wide range of vivid colors. Our rainbow is 100% clean without dyes or chemicals involved during the manufacturing process. No harm to mother nature.